What is ThemeYard?

ThemeYard is a vBulletin theme provider. We provide quality pre-made & custom vBuletin themes for all versions of vBulletin. ThemeYard provides some of the most unique vBulletin styles around.

Can you upgrade vBulletin software?

Absolutely, even if you didn’t purchase one of our skins we would be more then happy to upgrade your vBulletin software or vBulletin skin.

Can you install the vBulletin software?

Yes, why pay vBulletin $150 to install their software when we can do it for a fraction of the price. Contact us today and have us install vBulletin for $75

Do you offer installation services if needed?

Yes, if you feel more comfortable hiring us to install the skin you purchased. When ordering the skin you will be provided with the option to select this service for $29.95.

How do I install the vBulletin skin I purchased?

With each purchase of one of our vBulletin skins you will find a detailed zip file with instructions on how to install. If you have any questions please contact us or you can hire us to install the skin for $29.95.

Can you design custom vBulletin skins?

Yes, PureVB does offer custom vBulletin skins as a service and are currently taking clients on a client by client bases until we have fully launched our website.

Do you have a portfolio of your custom skins?

Absolutely, once our custom skins page is up and running we will be displaying past custom skin jobs, but in the mean time please contact us and we will be more then happy to show some of our past work.

Does PureVB offer custom vBulletin service?

Absolutely, we would be more then happy to provide custom vBulletin 4 skins. Please contact us to inquire about our services. Please note: We are currently only accepting select custom skin jobs as we focus on the launch of our websites.

Can I customize the images included with each theme, like the logo?

Yes, when you purchase any of our vBulletin skins you can fully customize it to fit your needs. We included the logo’s PSD that was used when creating the skin. We have even setup a section in our forums for you to show off what you have done with our skins!

How do I download updates for my purchase?

Updates to each skin can be found in the same place you originally downloaded it, within the customer area. You will be given the option to select the version of vBulletin you are using and download the corresponding version of the skin.

What happens if my license is expired?

One year after your initial purchased you will no longer be able to download your vBulletin skin you purchased. You will then instantly be given the option to renew your license within the customers area.

Where do I download the skin that I just purchased?

After you have made your purchase, you will be provided access to the Customer Area located in the top right. Once in the customer area you will see the option to download the latest version of the skin(s) you have purchased from us.

Can I remove the ‘vBulletin Skin by: PureVB’ copyright text?

No. All copyright messages (both in the software code and templates) must be retained and visible. A ‘branding free’ license is available at a cost of $29.95 per skin, in addition to the cost of the skin itself.

Can I customize the images included with each theme, like the logo?

Yes, when you purchase any of our vBulletin skins you can fully customize it to fit your needs. We included the logo’s PSD that was used when creating the skin. We have even setup a section in our forums for you to show off what you have done with our skins!

Are skins updated with bug fixes and version updates?

Absolutely, if you find any bugs with our skins please let us know about them on our forum as without that we don’t know the bug exist. With bugs and version updates we will always release the most up to date version of the skin we can. You can download the latest update within the Customers Area.

What form of payment do you accept?

PureVB is currently only accepting paypal as a form of payment for our vBulletin Skins.

What is the difference between branded and unbranded skins?

The branded skin has discrete links to us as the skin creator. The unbranded skin has no links back to us and we modify our terms so that you can fully remove any reference to PureVB. To purchase an unbranding license, please select the brand-free option during the checkout process.

What level of support is included with my purchase?

We provide a multi-layered approach for support to meet as many customer needs as possible. 1. Our first level of support is through our forum. If you have any problems with the purchase process or with the skin you purchased from us please use our forums or contact us form. 2. We also offer professional one-on-one support for $50 per our. This service is for someone who wants help adding something extra, moving things around or help with a skin not purchased from PureVB. Please note that issues with 3rd party products/plugins are usually not template bug related. We cannot guarantee that all 3rd party products were created and coded correctly but please use our forums if you have any issues.

What are the system requirements for vBulletin Skins?

Each skin we currently have for sale have their own version requirements and suggest you first check with the skin you are looking to purchase.

Can I get a Trial Version of the vBulletin Skin?

We do not offer free trial on our skins. We have set up demo sites for each of the skins we have for sale so that you may see the skins in action.

Do you offer any discounts if I purchase more than one vBulletin Skin?

Absolutely, for every 2 vBulletin skins you purchase you will receive 1 FREE. Note: This special ONLY applies if you purchase the 2 skins at the same time.

How long does it take to get my license information?

Our system is fairly automated with multiple levels of fraud protection. Once you have placed your order, you will be taken through our system to enter your details, enter the domain the skin will be used for and the final level of fraud protection. If you have any problems with your order, or feel it has taken to long to get your license information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How does the 2 for 1 deal work?

We appreciate that you enjoy our skins, to take advantage of this special offer, place an order for any 2 skins ( both skins must be purchased at the same time ) and then simply contact us with the name of the free skin you would like. We will add it directly to your account so you may download and install on your forum.

Do your vBulletin Skins work with Right to Left (RTL) Forums?

YES! All our vBulletin Skins fully support Right to Left (RTL) forum languages as of version 4.1.5 and up.

Do your skins support vBulletin 5?

All skins currently support vBulletin 4, once vBulletin 5 gets officially released and no longer beta we will provide FREE upgrades to vBulletin 5 for all members with current accounts.

Do your skins support vBulletin 4?

Yes, all vBulletin skins for sale at PureVB fully support the latest versions of vBulletin 4

What is vBulletin?

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