With every Theme you purchase from Theme Yard you will receive 1 Year of Basic Support FREE. What’s important to note is the Basic Support is PERFECT for 95% of all of our customers as it will give them the ability to submit tickets if they have a problem with installation, bugs, update questions and just about anything going on with the Theme.

Now what that doesn’t include is the hands on attention some customers might need. Can’t install your Theme? Need to change some Colors? Trying to include your customer logo but just don’t know where to start or not technically inclined to follow our Knowledge Base articles? This is where why we have put together our Premium Support package to give you the hands support. With Premium Support our staff will also upgrade versions of our product, login and make minor tweaks. This does NOT include a complete theme overhaul, or any major work required as that would fall under custom services.

$0.00 – $129.99
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